School NewsMajor Challenges That Engineering Students Face Today

January 10, 2018by Tabula3

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An engineering degree is one of the most pursued academic paths at a university level worldwide. In India, many high school students come with a desire to take up engineering profession and get themselves enrolled in renowned colleges and universities like IITs and NITs.

Students mostly prefer those institutes which are known for providing quality education right from the start of the course. But when students fail to get admission into such colleges, the only remained option would be to pursue a degree in a state government college or in any private college.

Many say that college life is the golden period in a student’s life. But nobody talks about the challenges or problems a student faces at that level.

Challenges are at a commonplace in every student’s life, but as an engineering student, you will face challenges a little more than your non-engineering counterparts. They include

1. Language Proficiency.
Engineering education being a comprehensive course taught completely in English, students from remote areas find it extremely difficult to understand, because most of their education would be in their local language and even the brightest of them find it difficult to understand English.

2. Faculty Shortage.
As per a research, there is an acute shortage of faculty in engineering institutions in India. So, the educational institutions end up taking whomsoever with minimum qualifications is interested to teach.

3. High Fees and Expenses.
Many students, especially those coming from rural areas to cities to take up professional courses, have a hard-time considering high fees and other expenses they will need to put for admission to completion of the course.

4. Lesser Exposure to Reality.
Technical subjects require that students understand, get familiar and exposed to examples of the use of engineering principles as applicable in real life. Unfortunately, this exposure is very limited at present.

5. Lesser Industry Interaction.
Colleges try to organize Industrial visits for students to increase industry interactions, but it is rare and not as effective as it should be, especially in colleges in rural areas.

6. Lack in Absorbing Capacity.
The classroom is a heterogeneous group of students. Taking into consideration of the absorbing capability of every student, the teaching should be. But now-a-days, we find around and over 100 students in the same class.

7. Employability.
According to a study, in India, out of the eight lakh graduate engineers from technical institutions, more than 60 percent remain unemployed for various reasons. There are thousands of engineering colleges in India and jobs are limited.


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